The crack of the bat. The pop of the glove. Vendors walking up and down the aisles and the cheer of the crowd. There’s nothing better than a day (or night) at the ballpark. I love baseball. More specifically, I love the Colorado Rockies.

I’m a part of the first generation of people who didn’t know what it was like to grow up without the Rockies being around and I’m proud to be able to say that I’m a lifelong Rockies fan. I remember watching their incredible run to the 2007 World Series (game 163 against the Padres was the best sporting event I have ever been to) and getting to watch them make another playoff run in 2009.

Even now after a few not-so-good seasons in a row, I can’t help but spend my free time watching games, reading articles, looking up stats, and chatting with other fans. I’ve also found more and more that I have my own opinions about what team should or shouldn’t do and that I really enjoy writing about them as well as about the Rockies and baseball in general. Given that, I figured (thanks to a helpful nudge from my fiancé) starting a blog would be the perfect thing for me to do!

Starting now until the foreseeable future, I’ll be shooting for two posts a week, primarily about the Rockies and the rest of baseball (though I do reserve the right to venture off topic occasionally). In these articles, you may run into some fancy sounding baseball terms that you don’t understand. When you see them, don’t worry, there will be a glossary to help you out!

All that said, thanks a bunch for taking the time to read my very first post, happy reading the rest of the way, and let’s play ball!